developed by OceanDataLab


The SEAScope viewer has very little and very common dependencies (you probably already have them):





SEAScope is really easy to install: download the tar.gz archive, decompress it somewhere on your computer... Done!

wget ""
tar xzf seascope-viewer-20230912.tar.gz

By default SEAScope does not contain any data, you will have to either generate your own or grab some samples from our server.

wget '' \
     -O '/tmp/'

unzip /tmp/ -d seascope/data

Now that SEAScope is installed and that you have data to display, all you need to do is to start the application.

cd seascope

SEAScope will index the data you downloaded during the initial startup process so please be patient: this step is skipped if the index already exists, allowing the application to start much faster afterwards.


The SEAScope viewer has been tested on several Linux system, you can check the results in the following table.
DistributionCan it run SEAScope?
Centos 7.2009Yes
Ubuntu 18.04Yes
Ubuntu 20.04Yes
Ubuntu 22.04Yes
ArchLinuxYes (tested with an up-to-date system)