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SEAScope viewer

SEAScope is a 3D visualisation and analysis application for satellite, in-situ and numerical model data. Modelizing the Earth as a sphere allows SEAScope to ignore projection issues and lets you display data everywhere on the planet.

The viewer offers advanced rendering functionalities that ease the detection of synergies between several sources of observations and simulations.

It also features tools to help users design and test algorithms on a large variety of data with immediate visual feedback.



SEAScope only supports IDF files, a NetCDF-4 based format that follows conventions adopted for Earth Observation data.

The IDF data webpage provides instructions on how to load IDF files in SEAScope, as well as samples and case studies bundles that you can download to test the capabilities of the SEAScope viewer.

The idf-converter Python package allows you to convert many types of data to IDF...

... but you can also use Python scripts or Jupyter notebooks to read files that are not supported by the idf-converter and send the data directly to SEAScope!


Interested in extending the application capabilities, creating scripted animations or using your preferred Python tools along with SEAScope?

The optional SEAScope Python package allows you to control the viewer (even remotely!) and to transfer data between SEAScope and your Python environment.

SEAScope also integrates very nicely with

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